Hello and thank you for your interest!

What is my philosophy?
Trellis Photography is founded on the principle that life is a journey, throughout which we are constantly growing and expanding. My goal as a photographer is to provide a solid framework on which to record the changes and life events you experience. My favorite journey to record by far is the growth of a family, from the bare beginnings until as long as I am allowed!

How do I determine my prices?
I have invested extensive amounts of time and energy into learning my craft so as to provide you with the best photos possible. I feel one can never stop learning, so I continue to research and increase my knowledge as I go along. All of these are factors that are in addition to the time that I invest in your session and post-production of your photos. It's like a flower bloom - more goes into the creation of that one perfect bloom than just the seed.

Why do you want to take my photos?
I absolutely LOVE capturing those magical moments that we all experience from time to time. A look from a mother to baby; the breeze blowing through a senior high school student's hair; a little girl dancing with complete abandon in a field of flowers - these and others are the moments that I live to catch and give to the ones they mean most to. It is a complete honor to be able to provide you with photos that tell the essence of your life for you and everyone else to see.

Thank you so much for stopping by, I look forward to hearing from you!

Jennifer Burns